Viewing results

Plot the deformed part shape and regions where the safety factor is less than the target.

The images shown in this article were created using SmartSlice for Cura. They are fully applicable to SmartSlice for Stratos.

After completing a Validation, 2 buttons appear that can be used to plot the deformed part shape and the failure regions. The buttons are shown here:


Show Displaced Part

Clicking this button will plot the deformed part shape and overlay it on top of the base part shape. The deformed shape will be transparent and the base part will be solid. The deformed part shows how the part will displace (move) based on the anchor surfaces and the load surfaces and directions that were picked during definition of the use case. Use this view to perform a quick "sanity check" to make sure the use case was setup as intended. 

In addition, if the computed maximum displacement is greater than the target value, then blue regions are included in the plot. These regions indicate where the part is soft (compliant) relative to other regions in the part. In engineering terms, these are regions where the principal strains are relatively large.


Show "Failure" Locations

Clicking this button will plot regions where the computed factor of safety is less than the target value. If there are no regions where this condition is satisfied, then no regions are plotted. Use this view to identify regions where the part is "weak". These are the regions where damage or failure is predicted to occur given the use case, print settings, and material.viewing_results_2