Validate versus Optimize

SmartSlice has 2 operations: Validate and Optimize. These operations and the key differences are discussed here. For usage instructions, view the Validate Workflow and Optimize Workflow pages.

The primary difference between Validate and Optimize is that Validate evaluates the performance of the part using the current print settings while Optimize automatically adjusts the print settings so that the part performance meets or exceeds the user-defined requirements while minimizing print time and part mass.

​Key differences:

  • Validate evaluates a fixed set of print settings and thus only a single numerical solution is computed. Optimize, on the other hand, requires many numerical solutions since the print settings are adjusted by SmartSlice during an Optimization.

  • A result of the above difference is that Validate takes less time to complete than Optimize. Typical solution times for Validate are between a few seconds and a few minutes. Solution times for Optimize range between 10 minutes and an 1 hour, although some models require more than 1 hour.

  • The performance of the part, defined as the maximum deflection and minimum factor of safety, are computed during Validate and are compared to the user-defined performance requirements. These requirements do not influence the solution for a Validation. For an Optimization, these requirements are used as targets for the optimization algorithm and therefore have a significant influence on the solution.