The Validate workflow

Evaluate part performance with the current print settings.

The Validate operation computes the performance of the printed part based on your use case and the current print settings.

The performance metrics are the maximum part deflection and the minimum safety factor. Validate typically takes between a few seconds and a few minutes to complete and is therefore useful for quickly understanding how a part will perform. In a matter of seconds you will know if your part is over-designed or under-designed.

Validate is an easy method for understanding the influence of individual print settings. For example, to see the influence of the wall count, simply run a Validation with Wall Count = X and then run a 2nd Validation with Wall Count = X + 1. Compare the computed results to gain insight into how influential the Wall Count print setting is.

The general steps for Validate are:

  1. Open Cura and import the part geometry.

  2. In the Prepare stage, select the material and adjust the print settings as desired.

  3. Enter the SmartSlice stage and define the use case by selecting the anchor and load surfaces and defining the load magnitude(s) and direction(s).

  4. Define the factor of safety and deflection requirements. Note that this step is optional, but recommended for viewing the results.
  5. Click Validate and wait for the solution.

  6. Investigate the computed values for max deflection and minimum factor of safety. In addition, view the deformed shape and the failure regions using the buttons in the lower-right corner of the screen.

  7. If satisfied, proceed to slice and print the part.

  8. If unsatisfied, have SmartSlice automatically optimize the print settings or manually adjust the print settings and run Validate again.

See the Validate tutorial for an example.