Login troubleshooting

Information to help you sign in to SmartSlice

How can I create a SmartSlice account?

You can create an account with either of the following methods:

  1. Register a new account directly with Teton Simulation. Just click the "Sign up" button in the image below and complete the information on the subsequent form. Whenever you sign in to SmartSlice, you will use this email and password.
  2. Use an existing 3rd party account (BCN3D, Ultimaker, etc.) to sign in. For example, this is the "Sign in with BCN3D" button in the image below. When you sign in using this method, Teton will retrieve your user profile from the 3rd party account and sign you into SmartSlice using the email address from that user profile.

How can I sign in to SmartSlice?

If you have not signed up for SmartSlice, you must first create an account. See the section above titled "How can I create a SmartSlice account?"

Whenever you sign in to SmartSlice (through the SmartSlice application or the account management portal) you will be redirected to the SmartSlice login page, which is shown in the image below. Here, you must use the same method to sign in that you used to sign up. For example:

  1. If you registered using an email and password, use the same email and password to sign-in. Use the "Sign in with Teton" button to do this.
  2. If you registered using a 3rd party account (BCN3D, Ultimaker, etc.), you must sign in using the 3rd party. This would be done via the "Sign in with BCN3D" button, for example.

I already registered for SmartSlice. Can I sign in with my Ultimaker (or other 3rd party) account?

Teton does not allow duplicate email addresses across accounts. For example, if your Ultimaker account uses the same email address as your existing SmartSlice account, you cannot sign in with your Ultimaker account.

If your Ultimaker account uses a different email address than your SmartSlice account, then you may sing in with Ultimaker. However, your Ultimaker account will not be connected to your original SmartSlice account.

If you want to use an Ultimaker (or other 3rd party) account with the same email address as your existing SmartSlice account, please contact us.



Local Host Error

When signing-in to SmartSlice, the application will create its own local web server via http://localhost:47001. This webserver manages the authentication that takes place when the user logs in. This port must not be blocked on the local computer.

If you encounter an error when signing-in to SmartSlice, contact your IT department and ask them to open up access to http://localhost:47001.

If this does not resolve the issue, send an email to help@tetonsim.com and our support team will promptly assist you.