List of known limitations

Known limitations and issues

  • Only one part can be analyzed. Multiple parts on the build plate are not allowed.

  • For printers with multiple extruders, only the 1st extruder is supported by SmartSlice. Make sure that extruder 1 is assigned to the model.

  • Supported Infill Pattern types are Cubic, Grid, Lines, and Triangles. 
  • Supported Infill Density range = 15% to 100%. 

  • Most materials available on the Cura Marketplace are supported. Unsupported materials are discussed here.
  • If the "Sidebar GUI" plugin from the Cura Marketplace is installed, some elements of the SmartSlice user-interface will not appear. We strongly encourage uninstallation of the Sidebar GUI plugin prior to installing SmartSlice.
  • For Ultimaker Cura users, if you are using a Mac with Big Sur OS and an M1 chip, you may encounter visual glitches. See this article from Ultimaker for more information
  • Moving a part (normal part and modifier meshes) on the build plate after a Validation or Optimization does not invalidate the results. If you want to invalidate the results, the suggested workaround is to temporarily change the load magnitude. This will trigger an invalidation of the results.
  • In Cura 4.6 only, if you open a .3mf project file with existing SmartSlice results and then run another validation on the part (by cancelling and then validating again), the results generated by SmartSlice are invalid.
  • If you are using certain printers and open a saved .3mf Cura project file that has modifier meshes, then surface selection in the SmartSlice stage may not function properly. If you open a .3mf file and have difficulty selecting surfaces in the SmartSlice stage, there are 2 workarounds:
    • Hold the CTRL key while selecting faces in the SmartSlice stage.
    • Ungroup the models before entering the SmartSlice stage. This workaround will hold until the .3mf is re-saved and/or re-opened.
  • Specifying the thickness of Top/Bottom Layers for modifier meshes has no effect on the computed factor of safety and max. deflection. Therefore, the thickness of the Top/Bottom Layers should be specified using the Wall Line Count, Top Layers, and Bottom Layers settings as shown below (red arrows = ignored, green arrows = acknowledged).