Choosing a material

Smart Slice supports a wide variety of FFF materials.

There are some considerations to make when selecting a material that will be used with Smart Slice. Some materials have been experimentally tested while others have not. Additionally, some materials are not supported by Smart Slice. All materials in Cura can be classified based on the following categories:

  1. Supported and tested – These are materials that have been experimentally tested and characterized for use with Smart Slice. A list of materials that have been tested can be found here.

  2. Supported and not tested – These materials have not been experimentally tested and characterized but can be used with Smart Slice. For these materials, the properties of a similar material that have been tested are used. For example, DSM Novamid ID1070 has not been tested for use with Smart Slice but it is a material that is available in the Cura Marketplace. If this material is selected and a user wants to use it with Smart Slice, then the experimentally derived properties for a similar material (Ultimaker Nylon, in this case) will be used. A message will alert the user in this scenario. If you have a material that you would like us to test, let us know.

  3. Unsupported – These are materials that are not appropriate for linear-elastic structural simulations and support materials. Materials that are not appropriate for linear-elastic simulations include materials that exhibit highly non-linear stress-strain behavior such as PP and TPU. Support materials, PVA for example, are removed after printing is complete and therefore do not contribute to the structural performance of the part.

Other considerations:

  • Only 1 material is supported. This means that the 2nd extruder must be disabled when using Smart Slice.
  • In order to use a material with Smart Slice, install that materials print profile from the Cura Marketplace.