Account management portal

Change account details, report issues, manage users, and more.

The Teton Simulation account management portal contains the following functionality:

  • Profile tab:
    • Change your password or delete your account.
  • Jobs tab:
    • View basic information about submitted jobs such as the job type, status, submission date and time, and progress.
    • Cancel jobs that are running. This is useful if the Cura UI crashes when a SmartSlice job is running and you want to cancel the job.
    • Report an issue with a job. A support ticket is automatically created when you report an issue with a job and our team will reach out to assist you.
  • Subscription tab:
    • View subscription status and expiration date.
    • Edit or cancel a subscription. A support ticket will be created and a representative from Teton will contact you to fulfill your request.

Team management (multiple users)

  • Add Subscription tab:
    • To add additional licenses, click Add Subscription and complete the form that appears. A representative from Teton will contact you to fulfill your request.
  • Users tab:
    • This tab is only visible to administrators for accounts with multiple licenses. 
    • The number of licenses assigned and the number of licenses available is shown in orange text at the top of the window. For example, "3 of 5 license assigned" means that 3 users have been assigned a license out of a total of 5 licenses.
    • Administrators can assign licenses to any of their users by placing a checkmark in the box labeled Assigned.
    • Administrators can assign the Administrator role to other users by placing a checkmark in the box labelled Administrator. There must be at least 1 administrator at all times.
    • To add a new user, click the "Add user" link and enter the email address for the user you want to add to your team. The user will receive an email from Teton Simulation with a link to join the team. When they click the link in the email, they are taken to a login page where there are 2 options (see image below):
      • If they already have a Teton Simulation account, they can login using their existing email and password.
      • If they do not have a Teton Simulation account, they need to click "I don't have an account", fill out the form that appears, and click "Sign Up".



  • A single user can be a member of no more than 5 teams.
  • Licenses cannot be shared between teams. For example, the licenses associated with Team "A" can only be assigned to users in Team "A".